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Art of Movement -Patreon Videos

The concept of my Patreon page is to bring together everything that I do to have an online presence. The classes that I can film and have in online format so that people unable to attend a class in person (or while we can't travel or be in each other's personal space due to Covid-19) then we have a way of sharing creative practice. 

You can sign up at any level of patronage from $5USD a month, and the small community that have rallied behind me have enabled the ongoing dance film development, have helped cover bills when all my income disappeared as the entire arts community world wide felt the effects of lockdowns. 

This format will continue to adapt as my practice does and as the commisions or grants come and go, this is a mainstay of my artistic outcomes. 

Please watch some of the publically available videos in this list, and unlock the other videos by becoming a member of the community at

Drawn to Movement - FMC AIR SALA 2020

This series of five videos have been created for the Remote Artist in Residence for Flinders Medical Centre Patients to experience with the onsite Arts in Health team. 

Currently an active online and in hospital experience (June-September 2020) patients or those experiencing isolation because of Covid-19, can follow along with the dance and drawing prompts- all you need is a large piece of paper and some art supplies, a device that you can watch without having to hold it, and a camera to photograph the results to send by to me to include in the second dance film outcome. 

You can watch the videos here or follow the link through to the FMC YouTube channel. 

SALA is the South Australian Living Artists Festival that this year has adapted some exhibitions online, as some go ahead with social distancing measures in place. The outcome of a dance film fit well with the online format, but is also exhibited in the hospital gallery and on the internal television for all staff and patients to experience.

Please feel free to undertake the activities and look out for the link to the SALA Drawn to Movement film mid August 2020

Never Too Late to Dance - AHC 

These classes are designed for people in the Adelaide Hills community who are over 65 years of age. The Classes run at Gumerach on Mondays and Norton Summit on Wednesdays throughout the school terms. 

But in an adaptive process during the closures during early to mid 2020, I was engaged by AHC to create a series of five classes that can be done in the home in small spaces and for people with any level of dance experience. So these classes are fabulous for anyone at anytime, and are free to view.

If you are local to the Adelaide Hills these classes are currently running, for $5 a session and we adhere to the recommended space per person within the lovely big studios, so you are welcome to come and dance and have a cuppa with us afterwards!

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